Risk management

Managing and mitigating risk to the community

Is the potential for something to go wrong keeping you up at night?

A proactive approach to risk management is one of the most important tools in your toolkit. 

We don’t just tick boxes. We have a broad range of services and experience, and bring them all together to take a closer look at the people and processes that make your facilities work. We then work alongside you to assess and mitigate risk at every step.

Whether you’re responding to an incident, trying to get a step ahead or looking to build a business case for positive change our risk management services make sure you can go about your work without the extra layer of stress.

Plan to operate with reduced on-site staff and avoid infection.

Our COVID-19 contingency planning includes:

  • Updating and training relief staff in incident and contingency response plans  where key staff may not be available (e.g. Incident and emergency response plans, water quality incident protocols, PRIMP)
  • Reviewing current SOPs for use by relief operational staff
  • Prioritising any updates to those SOPs, to ensure they can be followed by relief staff
  • Identifying areas where further contingency planning is required

Understand how your system will respond to an incident, or learn from an incident and prevent it happening again.

  • Prepare for upsets by and speaking to the people involved at every step, and assessing the full system for uncertainties 
  • Ensure that, in the event that something does go wrong, there are controls in place to prevent the event, mitigate the consequence and keep your team on task
  • Don’t guess - really get to the root of what went wrong, with root cause analysis and engaged discussion with all stakeholders 
  • Manage improvements that help improve safety for your team, facility and the wider community

Meet this regulatory requirement head on, and use the opportunity to go above the minimum requirements. We have strong involvement in policy development and regulatory support, including strong involvement in the development of NSW’s Water Health Guidance, and bring this knowledge to all of our work.

Our work spans,

  • Drinking water management system
  • Drinking water quality management plans
  • Quality Assurance Plans (QAPs)
  • Auditing, with 4 Exemplar Global's Water Quality Management Systems Auditors on our team

Think beyond HAZOPs and CHAIRs as a required exercise, and get more value from the process. We’ve seen these processes lead to improvements that have made things more operable, safer and more cost effective in the long run.

  • Ensure common understanding happens on paper, when changes are affordable
  • Uncover opportunities to add value to your project at the right time
  • Bring operational, technical and design knowledge together, early in the process

Keep your management systems up to date when things change, or if you're building something new.

We can help you with,

  • Development, implementation, review and improvement for drinking and recycled water systems
  • Thinking beyond water asset management systems, and understanding where this work fits in the bigger picture
  • Annual water quality reporting

Understand how your system will respond to upsets. You can only get a complete picture of risk when you bring together all stakeholders.

Our team are experts in facilitation and can,

  • Get the best from all stakeholders, using well recognised engagement tools, including the bow-tie method 
  • Help you gather an accurate picture of risk, and build a plan to manage them
  • Bring together our expertise in operational support and strategic management to build a comprehensive risk management system

Get the benefit of our broad experience and skills, ranging from policy development through to operational support. Our projects show our diverse work, and that we are greater than the sum of our parts.

Don’t give in to worry

If there is any doubt about the essential activities, communication processes and authorisations required to keep your facilities running, it’s time to address risk management.

Let’s talk about your areas of concern, and make sure there is no room for worry.

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