About us

We are specialist water engineers who have our boots on the ground, a deep understanding of policy and years of experience behind us. 

The work we do is important.

Whether advising on policy, or translating it into practice in your region, our focus is the health of your community and environment.

 Why choose us? 

Since 2009, we have built a reputation as independent knowledge brokers. You’ll feel secure with us, knowing that we have a deep understanding of the theory and practical experience in its implementation. We bring the best of both worlds to everything we do. 

We’re passionate, with a genuine affinity for the water sector and the communities we  work in. We really do enjoy our work: continually learning, thinking big ideas, getting out  to local communities, and building strong, long-lasting relationships. 

No matter who you speak to in our business you will get advice tailored to your needs. You’ll get the best balance of depth of expertise and breadth of skills. 


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