Regulatory support

Managing and supporting your assets

Audits, regular reporting and other regulatory requirements can cause a lot of stress for facility managers and your teams.

Let us help you do all the things you need to do, with less worry.

Our regulatory support services are about more than ticking boxes.

While you can trust us to deliver a stringent and accurate audit, we can also help you get audit ready, prepare regular reports and understand and implement best practice.

Even the most standard reports are a burden for the people responsible for them. Accurate and quality reporting is essential to keep your assets, community and environment healthy and safe. 

Our key reporting areas include, 

  • EPL
  • Drinking water
  • Recycled water

Our team includes 4 Exemplar Global's Water Quality Management Systems Auditors. We understand the regulatory environment as well as your operational realities. 

Our services help you,

  • Understand what you need to do, and think beyond the minimum requirements to improve your systems and processes
  • Asses and embed best practice for your asset
  • Enjoy a smooth audit process, without the worry

Trusted expertise in public health and water safety

Our team has a diverse skill set and experience. 

In everything we do, we bring together operational skill, policy knowledge and deep experience across everything in between.

Read about our past work to learn how we operate.

Prepare for success

Meeting your regulatory requirements is about more than ticking boxes.

Being proactive helps protect your asset, the environment and the community.


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