Strategic management

Big picture thinking about the future of water in your area

Keep your focus on what you need now, and in the future. 

Good strategy balances the big picture with operational and financial realities. Our approach bridges the gap between your future needs and what is happening now. 

We understand the global environment and the operational detail so that we can support you to future-proof your infrastructure. We get to know you, your community and your challenges to help you develop the right solutions.

This shared understanding is critical to good strategy.

Do you really understand how your utility and its asset are performing? Benchmarking can help you turn data into intelligence, and reveal opportunities for business improvement and development. 

  • Get an overall view of your performance and progress
  • Consider how changes to structures, staffing, operational procedures and governance can improve performance
  • Get advice from an outside perspective, with experience in operations, regulation, policy development and more

You want to work toward a common outcome, but with multiple stakeholders things quickly go off track. Our team has good technical knowledge, and a well respected track record in facilitation. We can,

  • Create space for and consider different views - including community, environment and heritage - to meet a single goal
  • Bring technical and operational knowledge to bigger picture discussions
  • Deliver expert, engaged facilitation, using tools such as the bow-tie method, digital and in person techniques including mindmapping and 5 why’s analysis

Efficient management is vital to supporting your community today, and for your future development plans. 

Water is a valuable and scarce resource.

  • Your community don’t just have safe drinking needs: water is a key enabler for economic growth, commerce and industry.
  • Sewerage services are essential for both environmental and public health.
  • Recycling provides an opportunity to close the loop on the water cycle

You need to ensure the long and short term water and sewage treatment needs of your region are met in environmentally, socially and commercially sustainable ways. We support you to develop actions and initiatives that balance:

  • The efficient use of the water resources you manage
  • The needs and aspirations of your community and,
  • Affordability. 

As skilled workshop facilitators, our skills, tools and methodologies create a space that brings diverse viewpoints to the table. 

You’ll get access to our process engineering and management skills, to get a complete understanding of your environment. We’ll conduct benchmarking and find the optimum solution for your needs.

Walk away with effective and implementable strategic plans that encompass policy, operations, planning and delivery.

Meet unknown futures with confidence, by testing the resilience of your assets and community to change.

Let us work with you on plans that,

  • Ensure your systems will be resilient in the face of change or disruption
  • Consider the impact of factors including power outages, increased storm activity, or other variations in weather
  • Identify weaknesses in your systems, or opportunities to move forward in a more resilient way
  • Leverage the circular economy - turning waste streams into valuable inputs across an entire system

Understand how we work

Each of our projects is an example of how we use our on-the-ground experience to inform the strategy, and then apply that strategy in practice. Read about some of our favourite projects.

Step back to step forward

Good strategy balances the big picture with day-to-day operational realities.

Future-proof your policies and facilities with the help of a business that understands the global environment, as well as the operational detail. Get the balance right for a more resilient system.


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