COVID-19 Planning

Plan to operate with reduced on-site staff and avoid infection.

Our COVID-19 contingency planning includes:

Incident planning and debriefing

Understand how your system will respond to an incident, or learn from an incident and prevent it happening again.

Water safety plans

Meet this regulatory requirement head on, and use the opportunity to go above the minimum requirements. We have strong involvement in policy development and regulatory support, including strong involvement in the development of NSW’s Water Health Guidance, and bring this knowledge to all of our work.

Our work spans,


Think beyond HAZOPs and CHAIRs as a required exercise, and get more value from the process. We’ve seen these processes lead to improvements that have made things more operable, safer and more cost effective in the long run.

Management systems

Keep your management systems up to date when things change, or if you're building something new.

We can help you with,

Risk assessment facilitation

Understand how your system will respond to upsets. You can only get a complete picture of risk when you bring together all stakeholders.

Our team are experts in facilitation and can,